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Overwatch League away skins are now available

Published: 11/Dec/2018 21:03 Updated: 11/Dec/2018 21:15

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch Players now have the opportunity to purchase Overwatch League away skins, and will receive the away version of any home skin they already own as well.

Almost since the first Overwatch League match, fans have wondered if and when the away skins for teams would be accessible.

Eventually certain away skins were made available, but only for Overwatch League Season Pass holders, but now it looks like they’ll be open to everyone.

The Overwatch League/Twitch

The Overwatch League announced via Twitter that all the away skins for teams from the Inaugural Season will be made available for purchase, and that fans who already have a home skin for a hero will receive the away skin automatically for free.


Other then that, away skins will cost players 100 OWL Tokens, which can be earned by watching OWL matches or bought; since there’s no Overwatch League until February, that means players will have to spend real money, unless they have some saved up.

Now that teams from the Inaugural Season have home and away skins available for purchase, fans will be on the lookout for skins from the new expansion teams to become available.

There’s no word yet on when fans will see skins or merchandise from the new teams, but it will probably be before the holidays, or shortly after, sometime before the season starts on February 14, 2019.