Overwatch idea for Scuba Sigma visual update is perfect for the Summer Games


Blizzard have made changes to some cosmetics in light of the seasonal festivities, and fans want one that transforms Scuba Sigma’s ult into a watery vortex of doom.

As the Summer Games in Overwatch rolls on, the devs are introducing loads of new skins and content to hold over players in the hot months. The event couldn’t have come at a better time for Overwatch, and it’s paying off in big ways.

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People noticed that Blizzard also sneaked in some visual updates for new and old Summer Games this time around, which gave members of the community room to get creative.

As such, the new batch of Summer Games 2021 skins inspired some players to improve on their designs, and Sigma’s has a great chance for improvement.

Reddit user ‘Fair_Industry7328’ saw a missed opportunity for the Scuba Sigma skin that would give him the perfect visual update for his ultimate, Gravitic Flux.

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The concept basically mixes up the visuals to where the ult is made into a whirlpool-like effect. Of course, since the ult pulls people up before throwing them down, maybe Blizzard could also add some water effects to sell it better.

But the concept alone is exactly the kind of updates that these Summer Games cosmetics could benefit from by leaning into the beach themes.

Sigma’s Overwatch Summer Games skin is great, but there’s room for an upgrade.

Since Sigma is already decked out in a Scuba gear, his ability kit could also take the plunge with some much-appreciated visuals.

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Blizzard has shown that popular fan creations actually have a chance of making it in the game like the Disco Ball update for Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

This concept has been getting a ton of traction with the Overwatch community, and would be one of the more popular skin animation upgrades for Sigma.

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