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Overwatch hero Widowmaker can now see barriers through walls with Venom Mine

Published: 26/Oct/2018 15:14 Updated: 26/Oct/2018 15:36

by Joe O'Brien


It looks like Widowmaker can now see enemy barriers through walls if they get tagged by her Venom Mine.

As most players with experience on the hero will know, Widowmaker’s Venom Mine doesn’t just deal damage.

When triggered, the Venom Mine releases a cloud of poison gas that tags enemies in range, not only hurting them but making them temporarily visible through walls. The effect is the same as Widowmaker’s ultimate, albeit much more limited in extent and duration.

Now, however, it seems that the effect can also be applied to barriers, both dealing damage and allowing them to be seen through walls.

Static barriers such as Winston’s Barrier Projector or Orisa’s Protective Barrier can’t trigger the mine themselves, but if it is triggered within range by another hero then the shield will also be tagged, as u/RandomDentyne demonstrated.

The only exception to the change seems to be Symmetra’s Photon Barrier, which doesn’t get tagged in the same way – although in that case it’s fairly hard to miss even if you can’t see it through walls.

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While it’s a relatively small detail in the grand scheme of things, information is always useful – especially for a hero that only needs one shot to make a massive impact on the game.

Knowing where a barrier is – or perhaps just as importantly, where it isn’t – could be crucial in finding the angle you need to get a pick. This is especially true in narrower choke points where a single barrier can cut of multiple angles of attack, and when the barriers in question are abilities with a cooldown, such as Winton’s or Orisa’s.


Insane Overwatch Junkertown spot lets Widowmaker shoot through walls

Published: 30/Oct/2020 18:26

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to take the high ground on Junkertown second should beware of a sneaky wall where Widowmaker players can shoot through to score headshots.

Widowmaker thrives when she can dominate at a range and use her one-shot one-kill snipes to her advantage. The very threat of potentially having your head taken off from a mile away forces players to act differently.

Junkertown is one of the maps where the hero gets the most value with its long sightlines leading to all sorts of pick-off potential. And, as it turns out, some walls on its second point can be shot through if timed right.

As Twitch streamer Kragiee showed, while playing as Torbjorn, he attempted to duel a Widow at range and called it out to his team.

Widowmaker on Hanamura
Blizzard Entertainment
Widowmaker’s ability to one shot heroes is a massive threat.

After his turret was destroyed, the player started using the hammer’s melee and ended up getting shot right through the wall, confusing his chat.

“WHAT?” many viewers wrote, trying to make sense of what they had just witnessed.

Once the dust had settled and the match ended, the streamer reviewed what just happened using the replay viewer.

Amusingly, Kragiee’s hammer and claw seemed to have clipped through the wall, causing the Widow player to see exactly where he was.

However, while the hammer and claw may have clipped through, it didn’t explain why or how the Widow was able to score a headshot onto the Torb.

As some users pointed out in the chat, there seems to be a small gap where the character fired her shot that allowed the bullet to go through the wall and connect onto the Swedish builder hero.

It’s also possible that Torbjorn’s head clipped through just enough so that he was vulnerable despite technically being on the other side.

Regardless, it’s something that both all players should be aware of in the event they find themselves in a duel on the second point and need any advantage they can get.