Los Angeles Gladiators throw shade at Fissure while announcing new signings for Overwatch League Season Two

by Joe O'Brien


The Los Angeles Gladiators took a shot at one of their former players in their announcement of new roster additions.


The Gladiators recently announced two new additions to their roster for Season Two of the Overwatch League.

Joining the team will be main tank Gye ‘rOar’ Chang-hoon and DPS Jang ‘Decay’ Gui-un, both formerly of Kongdoo Panthera.

Decay was one of the most sought-after players of the off-season, with rumors suggesting several teams ended up in a bidding war before the Gladiators ultimately secured him.


To announce the new additions, the Gladiators produced a video in which Aaron ‘Bischu’ Kim goes to a GameStop with a box of items to trade in, where he meets OWL host Chris Puckett working behind the counter.

Bischu first trades in “the mercy meta”, followed by the “aKm blade” – with a dig from Puckett about how long people had been waiting for it – before finally turning in the jersey of former Gladiators main tank Baek 'Fissure' Chan-hyung.


Fissure’s addition to the Gladiators after Stage 1 of the first season was credited with transforming them into a play-off team, but his time with the squad ended in drama, with Fissure absent for their quarter-final match due to internal issues.


After the Gladiators were eliminated without their star main tank, Fissure was ultimately traded to Seoul Dynasty.

During his time with the Gladiators, Fissure famously asked London Spitfire if they regretted trading him following a win over his former team. It seems the Gladiators are answering the question in advance, will be looking to ask the same of Fissure’s decision to leave them when the two teams meet in Season Two.