Overwatch fans flame McCree’s “powerful” Combat Roll buff

Overwatch cowboy character with revolver fighting in egyptian settingBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s October 21 Experimental update has given players the ability to use McCree’s Combat Roll mid-air, and it’s sent ripples through the community. 

Overwatch’s resident rebel and gunslinger extraordinaire, McCree, is having quite the year.

After Blizzard revealed that the cowboy-inspired hero will have his name changed as a result of the ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard for fostering a “pervasive frat boy culture” within the work environment, it turns out there are even more changes in store for him.

Overwatch’s October 21 Experimental update has implemented a huge change to his Combat Roll ability, and players have been left baffled and irritated in equal measure.

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Overwatch cowboy smoking a cigar has his face covered by cowboy hatBlizzard Entertainment
McCree has been the subject of quite a few changes recently.

Overwatch players slam McCree’s Combat Roll changes

As part of the new Experimental patch, Blizzard have changed McCree’s Combat Roll ability to be able to function in mid-air. This has been added previously, but was removed for being “too powerful.”

Not only has this surprising U-turn totally baffled fans, but it’s also left them pretty unimpressed – especially because the dev notes refer to it as “a nice quality of life change.”

“The mid-air Combat Roll was deemed “too powerful” last time it was in-game, why did it return?” asks one Redditor, attaching a screenshot of the proposed changes to the dodge mechanic.

“‘It’s a nice quality of life change but also a powerful change’ – ok Blizz, ok,” writes one irritated player, while another notes “well since we’re all freely giving out abilities, why don’t you just give Bastion the ability to fly? That would be a nice “quality of life” improvement for Bastion mains.”

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“It’s now actually confirmed the Dev team does not play their own game,” fumes another, while a final comment highlights that adding the mid-air roll to combat heroes like Doomfist and Wrecking Ball makes no sense as “he ALREADY HARD COUNTERS” them.

Whether or not these changes make it past the experimental phase and into the actual game remains to be seen, but it seems like the mid-air Combat Roll may be quickly banished back into the annals of history from whence it came.