Overwatch fans confused after Blizzard emails out wrong player stats

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Overwatch players hit out at Blizzard after the company apparently sent out the wrong player stats to tons of hardcore OW grinders.

With the release of Overwatch 2 rapidly approaching, fans of the FPS game have been prepping hard by grinding the original Overwatch.

One way players track their progress in Overwatch is to receive Weekly Performance Updates from the developers via email, which can deliver tons of different and interesting statistics.

However useful they may be, it seems tons of Overwatch players have begun getting emails of player stats for the incorrect BattleTags.

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Overwatch players began reporting incorrect stats on September 1.

Overwatch players blast Blizzard over incorrect BattleTag stats

User FeminineOdor posted to the Overwatch subreddit an email they received from Blizzard regarding their weekly OW stats.

Although, there’s a twist: the email contained the weekly stats for another player named Incendium.

Odor was stunned and said, “Uhh, what? Did anyone else get this email? That is not my BattleTag, lol.”

In the comment section of the post, tons of fellow players shared similar stories of getting stats emailed to them, presumably intended for other players.

One said, “I literally just got the same thing, and every time I reopen the email, somebody else’s BattleTag and stats pop up?”

Another noted that there could be a problem with Blizzard’s stats and noted, “According to my email, there isn’t even enough data to display a weekly performance update, even though I play for hours every night I’m guessing whichever algorithm they used to send these emails is mega bugged.”

Clearly, something is wrong, causing the wrong information to players. Hopefully, Blizzard can fix the issue and get players their proper combat stats.