Overwatch fan skins for Tracer and Soldier: 76 help kick off Pride month

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch community are a constant source of incredible designs that reenvision heroes in amazing ways, and the latest creation gives two of the game’s most popular characters skins in honor of Pride month.

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Overwatch released in May of 2016 and players instantly fell in love with not only the characters in the game, but also with the deep lore that Blizzard is famous for giving every one of their titles.

Throughout the years, Blizzard have released troves of comics, cinematic videos and more for Overwatch that explore characters’ backgrounds. It’s through these explorations that fans learned about Tracer and Soldier: 76’s respective personal lives as LGBTQ.

[ad name=”article2″]Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard was not shy in announcing Tracer’s LGBTQ origins, making her even more popular among fans!600

In a Reddit post, user ‘tinysporebat’ created some “quick ‘n dirty recolours in the spirit of Pride month” that gave the two heroes some classy yet impactful redesigns to their base look.

Tracer is now sporting the entire spectrum of the Pride flag as her pants shimmer with the colors of the rainbow. Although her top does seem out of place until you realize tinysporebat went a step further and “based the jacket on the lesbian flag.”

Taking a look at Soldier, the Redditor gave the former Overwatch member a few Pride flag highlights. Soldier’s visor is now fashioned with the Pride flag colors as is a stripe on his jacket and a subtle trim on his rifle.

tinysporebat via RedditAn awesome Pride month inspired skin for Overwatch’s iconic heroine Tracer.600[ad name=”article3″]

Like the artist said, these skins are mostly recolorings that give the base design a quick Pride update, but people were loving the overall take on the characters.

“The fact that Tracer’s is full body, in your face rainbow and Soldier’s is a couple of subtle patches and lighting effects fits their personalities very well,” Reddit user ‘ElZanco’ said.

Could there be LGBTQ content in Overwatch?

Although the 2019 Anniversary event hasn’t produced LGBTQ skins, Blizzard has shown that they aren’t afraid to shy away from the topic.

tinysporebat via RedditSoldier: 76’s Pride month redesign showing rainbow accents throughout his look.600

There hasn’t been any hint that June could see some characters in Overwatch sport Pride colors in any way, but it would be the perfect time for the devs to drop a surprise batch of content.

Even if they are simple changes to the heroes’ color schemes.