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Overwatch • Jun 01, 2019

Seagull dumbfounded as his Overwatch teammate encounters bizarre glitch

Seagull dumbfounded as his Overwatch teammate encounters bizarre glitch

Former Overwatch pro Brandon 'Seagull' Larned needed answers after seeing his team's Winston glitch into a building during a round on Rialto.

For a game as popular and expansive as Overwatch, players will surely run into glitches from time to time. To its credit, Overwatch doesn't have all that many glitches, which is why when glitches do happen they really stand out.

The former Overwatch League pro turned full-time streamer ran into a major bug that caused his teammate's Winston to completely glitch into a building, leading to lots of confusions all around. 

Winston found himself in a spot he's never been in before.

Did you see that?

Seagull, playing as D.Va, was coming around the corner to get on the payload when he saw his Winston leap into the fray. 

What happened next is hard to explain as it looks like Winston completely redirects away from where he was aiming and finds himself inside of a building instead.

"How did I get in here?" asked the Winston player.

Seagull and the rest of this team just sounded dumbfounded when they saw where he was. When Seagull looked back at the building was in, it wasn't made clear how Winston was able to get in there.

Overwatch bugs are rare but do happen

Most of the bugs that plague Overwatch are focused on the Heroes themselves instead of things like glitching out of maps.

A recent one that comes to mind is the Wrecking Ball bug that allowed him to use the Piledriver move twice, inflicting a ton of damage and completely disrupting the backlines.

Bugs like this are very powerful and often result in swift fixes, as they can have a significant effect on the health of the game.

Glitches like the Winston incident above are more of an inconvenience than anything truly game-breaking.

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