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Overwatch exploit removes recoil from Mercy’s pistol

Published: 26/Apr/2020 20:24

by Bill Cooney


A new trick in Overwatch lets Mercy fire her pistol with no recoil animation or screen shake that usually comes with each shot.

The infamous “Battle Mercy” meme seems to come up whenever the healer pulls out her piece, but at 20 damage a shot (not including crits) her Caduceus Blaster can make unsuspecting enemies pay when they think they’ve got Angela cornered.

Now, an Overwatch player has discovered how to shoot her pistol without triggering the recoil animation or screen shake, which makes it much easier to accurately spam shots downrange.

Mercy’s pistol can be much more than just a last-ditch survival tool.

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In a clip, Reddit user TaroChanx demonstrated how to cancel out the recoil animation by lightly, steadily tapping the trigger button instead of mashing it wildly in panic.


By steadily hitting the trigger, on a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in this case, it takes away Mercy’s recoil which actually does make things easier for players to aim.

Overwatch doesn’t have the same recoil mechanics as games like CS:GO or Valorant, so getting rid of the recoil animation might not make it technically easier to aim, but removing the additional visual effects does make it much easier for you to pinpoint on a target.

After testing by Dexerto, we can confirm that this exploit also works on PC and PS4, but it’s unknown if the technique also works on Xbox One as well.


No recoil on Mercy if you lightly tap (NS version) from r/Overwatch

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She is also the only hero that this trick works for as well, which, considering she’s the only one that comes with a ranged sidearm, sort of makes sense.

Exactly how long this bug has been in Overwatch is also unknown – Mercy hasn’t received any major updates recently, so this bug might have been around for some time before anyone thought to bring it up.

Blizzard Entertainment
Mercy’s a healer, but her pistol can definitely come in clutch.

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The exploit isn’t listed in the current “known issues” list on the official Overwatch forums, but it should be simple fix if and when developers decide to do something about it.