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Overwatch VR? Switch player’s Ring Fit mod turns game into a real workout

Published: 5/Jun/2021 21:14

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch player has turned the game we all know and love into an intense, practically VR workout using the Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure system.

Over the years we’ve seen all kinds of things turned into Overwatch controllers. There was the YouTuber who played Sombra with a Power Glove, the boxing glove controller for Doomfist, and even someone who completely recreated the joysticks from D.Va’s mech.

Overwatch coming out on the Switch in 2019 opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to outlandish controllers though, and Reddit user SuperLouis64 has come up with a mod to play with the Ring Fit Adventure’s RingCon.


Overwatch Ring Fit mod
If you need some cardio, just try running along with your Overwatch hero.

Louis got Overwatch to work with the RingCon controller, and with his mod you literally move your hero forward by running or jogging in place, and we’re getting tired just thinking about it.

In order to aim, fire your weapon, and use abilities, you have to use the single controller on the Ring, which doesn’t give you the option to do things like strafe, or step out of the way of a charging Reinhardt.

Finally, to use your ultimate you simply have to squat. Sounds simple, but becomes much more of a feat when you’ve been jogging in place for a match or two.


After just 4-5 games, Louis looked absolutely beat, and we can’t blame him considering the massive amount of effort he had to give compared to your average Overwatch match.

We’ll admit it’s not the most intuitive way to play, and we’re not even sure you can jump at all, which could be an issue when playing heroes like Lucio or Pharah.


Those minor inconveniences don’t change the fact that with the Ring Fit, Overwatch turns into a workout Zarya herself would be proud of. Though, your team might wonder what exactly is going on at times.


It’s already satisfying to get past the enemy team in Overwatch and take home the W, and thanks to SuperLouis you can now eliminate some calories along with opposing players.