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Overwatch “Duck Hunt” mode will make you a sharpshooter in no time

Published: 3/May/2020 23:14

by Bill Cooney


A new Overwatch Workshop mode recreates the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt, and turns it into an entertaining aim trainer at the same time.

Duck Hunt was originally released as a launch title for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) all the way back in 1984, which probably makes it older than most Overwatch players today.

Now, it’s the latest classic to be added to the game, thanks to YouTuber Ch4rLizard Gaming and their Workshop skills.

The trick to Duck Hunt is getting the good light gun, and giving your sibling/friend the inferior one.

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For those who haven’t played Duck Hunt, it basically consists of shooting as many ducks as possible as they fly through the air using the light gun that came with the console.


Ch4rLizard’s Workshop mode operates very similarly to the NES title, except instead of the gun, players can choose from either McCree or Ashe.

It’s also not ducks that you’ll be taking aim at this time around, but gracefully floating Mercys and the occasional Wrecking Ball, who plays a clay pigeon shot by Bastion’s tank form.

Duck Hunt In Overwatch! (Workshop Code In The Comments) from r/Overwatch

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Everyone’s favorite primate scientist Winston also takes the place of the Duck Hunt Dog to stir up those hidden Mercys so you can pick them off.

Besides being a nice homage to one of the most legendary Nintendo games out there, it also offers a few different modes of increasing difficulty that can actually work as a decent Ashe and McCree aim trainer.


There’s the first level which only has one duck (Mercy) at a time float across the sky, but you can up the difficulty to have two Mercys at a time and, as we mentioned earlier, another mode that throws the random Wrecking Ball out there as well.

For those interested in trying out the Duck Hunt Workshop mode, the code is: 215K5.

Blizzard Entertainment
Hammond also gets in on the Duck Hunt fun as well.

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This Workshop mode also makes us realize that Mercy desperately needs a skin that makes her look like a duck, if for no other reason than to make Overwatch Duck Hunt even better.