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Overwatch community loving bizarre Symmetra turret with legs

Published: 9/Jan/2021 22:20

by Bill Cooney


One creative Overwatch fan has given Symmetra’s turrets something no one has ever thought they needed: legs. And the addition caused quite the reaction online.

Symmetra’s turrets, annoying as they are, have been around since day one, and while she can throw them now and only use a total of three now compared to the six she used to be able to deploy before her rework in 2018, they function in a similar way.

They can be stuck to any surface on the map, but one thing they can’t do is just get up and move, until now, as Irish Overwatch creator ‘Andygmb’ has given the adorable little orbs big ol’ Echo-like legs to strut around on.


The limbs do look like they sprouted right out of the turrets, and they aren’t just copy/pastes of Echo’s despite our comparison — these are completely original 3D creations, added on to the in-game turret.

Before you start wondering, no, this is not in Overwatch and was made in a separate program. But Andy did provide us with a few previews of what could be if Blizzard were to take his suggestion and roll with it.

You’re playing defense on Hollywood and see this coming towards you, which direction are you running?

On Twitter, there seemed to be a general consensus that seeing Sym’s turrets with legs is absolutely “terrifying” and reminded one user of those Boston Dynamics robots, which are also very creepy in their own right.


Over on Reddit, everyone was also either rightly disturbed by a walking Symmetra turret, or they fell in love with the design, literally. We won’t even talk about the degeneracy they got into. Instead, we’ll just leave this link right here, and if you want you can read through the comments for yourself — just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Besides giving us some serious Portal 2 vibes, it also makes you wonder what it would be like if Sym deployed turrets similar to how Ashe sends out B.O.B., most likely that would be massively overpowered, but make for a great custom game mode.


For now, it’s still not possible to import external assets into the Overwatch Workshop, and while there have been a ton of features added, this means it would be tough to actually make in-game.

We don’t think Jeff Kaplan has plans to give the turret legs in Overwatch 2, but heroes will have upgradable abilities in the new PvE mode, so who’s to say it couldn’t really happen?