Overwatch announces altered launch dates for Role Queue

Scott Robertson

Role Queue was introduced into the public test region on the PC client for Overwatch in late July, with the goal of creating a better team environment by allowing players to select their roles before matchmaking begins. Now the official launch is coming soon.

As we’re just days away from Overwatch Competitive Season 18, the official launch dates and times for the implementation of Role Queue have been announced for competitive play and quick play, and they are slightly different than what was initially promised.

In an official post on the Blizzard forums, community manager Molly Fender revealed the official launch times for Role Queue:

Competitive Play: August 31st @ 5PM PST (September 1st 00:00 UTC)
Quick Play: September 3rd @ 11AM PST
Quick Play Classic (Arcade Card): September 3rd @ 11AM PST

Blizzard acknowledged that the reason for a staggered release is “to fully support and respond to any issues that may arise for both Competitive Play and Quick Play.” 

Originally, Blizzard aimed for Role Queue to be available for Competitive and Quick Play on September 1st, when Season 18 starts, but have now opted for a more spaced out approach.

For those who may have stepped away from Overwatch because of things like role balance or toxic team composition moments, and are eyeing a return to the multiplayer shooter, Role Queue is really simple. 

Pick your role: DPS, tank, or healer. Then you’ll get matched into a team of 2 DPS, 2 tanks, and 2 healers. 

This is the same role lock setup that they recently implemented into Overwatch League.

BlizzardThe Role Queue screen in-game

Role Queue will let Overwatch track your skill at each role individually, and this will be represented with a role specific skill rating.

In essence, if you’re a higher ranked tank, you’ll be matched with similarly higher ranked healers and DPS players. If your healer rating is low, you’ll play with lower tanks and DPS players. Five placement matches per role will earn you a seasonal skill rating for that role.

Role Queue’s beta did not go off without a hitch, especially toward DPS players. DPS players experienced much higher queues and more drastic SR drops after losses.

Developer Scott Mercer addressed these issues, while also squashing the idea of an SR reset, saying it would take months to get back to a normal, healthy state.

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