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Game-breaking Overwatch 2 Beta exploit gives Roadhog his strongest ultimate yet

Published: 6/May/2022 1:09

by Brad Norton


A new game-breaking exploit discovered in the Overwatch 2 Beta following the May 5 update makes Roadhog stronger than ever with an absurdly powerful ultimate trick.

As with any given Beta, bugs are to be expected. While developers test various features and tweak a range of settings, things have a tendency to fall apart from time to time. 

The very first Overwatch 2 Beta has therefore had its fair share of issues since servers went online on April 26. From hackers to lobby-crashing bugs, we’ve already seen a number of critical issues impacting the experience. Certain problems have been significant enough to see heroes outright pulled from the game.


Now, we could be just hours out from yet another Tank being disabled. Following on from the May 5 update that tweaked a number of key heroes, Roadhog is stronger than ever. Perhaps too strong, even, in light of a devastating new exploit that’s making the rounds.

Previously when casting Roadhog’s ultimate ability, all players had to do was aim. The beefy hero would automatically fire his Scrap Gun for a few seconds, dealing damage and knocking back anyone caught in front of him.

With the May patch, however, things changed. Rather than auto-firing, the ultimate must now be manually controlled. On paper, this allows players to time their shots, control their recoil, and even use regular abilities without canceling the ult.


In practice though, players quickly uncovered a crucial oversight. Mashing your left click as quickly as possible ignores all fire rate limitations. Thus, when an auto-click function joins the equation, Hog can now unload a ridiculous amount of damage in the blink of an eye, obliterating any heroes in the vicinity.

“Looks like a flamethrower,” fans said in response to a breakdown of the exploit by Reddit user Nerfgun3.’ 

Making the matter worse is the fact Roadhog can no longer be interrupted during his ultimate. If you encounter a player in the Beta attempting this exploit, there’s simply nothing anyone can do to stop it.


While not quite as game-breaking as the recent Wrecking Ball issue, Blizzard has been quick to act on glaring exploits in the Beta. Thus, we’re likely to see a hotfix of a quick reversion of the patch in the coming hours. We’ll keep you posted here as the situation develops.