Overwatch 2 players worried Junker Queen will dominate meta after “gigabuffs”

OW2 junker queen buffedBlizzard Entertainment

The major new buffs to Junker Queen have Overwatch 2 players concerned that the tank will become a must-pick in ranked.

Overwatch 2 players were quite enjoying the Season 4 balance going into the mid-season patch where the developers decided to flip the meta on its head.

With a series of buffs to Junker Queen, the already-viable tank went from a strong hero to an absolute beast with more ammo, healing, and a larger projectile size for her Jagged Blade.

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It didn’t say long for many in the Overwatch 2 community to take issue with the patch after seeing the notes with YouTuber KarQ describing the changes as a “gigabuff” to the Australian tank.

Overwatch 2 community shocked by “dumpster fire” Junker Queen patch

Shortly after the patch went live, many streamers and pro players expressed concerns about Junker Queen’s buffs and how they will negatively impact the meta.

“Bizarre change considering how balanced and diverse this meta was,” coach Natter wrote.

“Normally I don’t complain about patch notes, but Omg this new patch is a dumpster fire,” remarked Infekted.

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Twitch streamer Metro even took things a step further, accusing the patch of being enough to “ruin the rest of this season for everyone” after every tank was viable in the previous update.

On the professional level, former Overwatch League player, coach, and current host Jake claimed that Junker Queen would have a “95% pick rate in pro play” if the patch made its way to OWL.

The dominance of Junker Queen has also been displayed on Twitch by former two-time OWL champion ‘super’ who used the tank’s new buffs to earn an ultimate in a mere 15 seconds.

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So far, the devs haven’t commented on concerns that the hero is just a little bit too overpowered with these changes, so we’ll have to see if they decide to make some adjustments before the start of Season 5.

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