Overwatch 2 players want adorable deaf girl from Kiriko short to be a hero

Overwatch 2 deaf girl from Kiriko shortBlizzard

The new Overwatch 2 animated Kiriko short has inspired desperate calls to make one character Overwatch 2’s new adorable hero.

Overwatch 2 has been taking the gaming world by storm, with many players desperate to get hold of new heroes. One fan-favorite is Kiriko, so when her animated short was released, many were surprised to find a character they loved even more than the new Support hero.

While walking through the halls, back to her apartment, Kiriko meets a girl who’s been excited to see her. The small girl is quickly revealed to be deaf, which prompts a heartwarming sign-language exchange between the two, where Kiriko gives the girl a toy fox and the girl gives Kiriko the recognizable fox headband.

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Shortly after the exchange, villains arrive and threaten the girl and her Grandpa. In Kiriko’s true protective style she stops them in their tracks.

However, she gets a bit of help as the video comes to an end. In an extremely popular scene, the girl wealds an axe and chases after the villains, scaring them even more.

The scene has prompted a multitude of comments asking for the dead girl to be a new hero, especially with her cuteness, ferocity, and great aim.

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One Reddit post explored the idea of having a deaf hero in Overwatch 2 and explained that in regards to sound and gameplay, she could use “vibration to attack enemies or sign to do certain moves.” Therefore promoting a new style of fighting, and one that is much more inclusive.

Similarly, a Twitter post explored the idea further, assessing the possibility that, rather than her not having any voice lines, we instead “just hear her internal thoughts”, similar to Sona from League of Legends.”

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While some took to Twitter to analyze how her character would work, hinting she would likely be a Support or Damage due to her affiliation with the Fox Spirit and her blue glowing eyes, others explored the enjoyment many would get when playing as her in Overwatch 2.

One commenter imagined the character “just running around screaming and tossing around an infinite amount of axes at people as she continues to scream her head off,” referring to the popular scene in the animated short.

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Whether the girl ends up being a new hero or not, it’s great to see some representation within the lore of the game and many are already obsessed with the adorable but deadly little girl.

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