Overwatch 2 players shocked after full team of bots infiltrate ranked match

Orisa an Bastion in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

A team of literal bots infiltrated the Overwatch 2 competitive queue in a bizarre match that has the community stunned.

It’s one thing to get matched with bad teammates, but it’s another to have AI-controlled bots in your Diamond lobby.

Overwatch 2’s competitive system has been under a lot of scrutiny since launch thanks to unbalanced games and players being placed in ranks they don’t deserve to be in.

Although the devs continue to try to fix these concerns, a group of players were left baffled after going against a team worse than Bronze-level foes in a recent ranked match.

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Bots take over Overwatch 2 ranked match

In a post on Reddit, user ‘Project_Prism’ revealed footage of bots showing up in their ranked Plat/Diamond game.

As you can see in the video, the bots didn’t do much to defend themselves and just lined up like lambs to the slaughter to be annihilated by Symmetra’s primary fire without fighting back.

In the comments, users began wondering why the bots were behaving this way or how they even ended up in a ranked match to begin with.

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“Derank bots probs, then sell the account. Or people pay to have their account deranked like this,” one player suggested.

“Why would you pay for that when you can just play badly?” another OW2 player wrote.

Someone else even suggested that it could just be a group of very high players who had taken too many edibles.

Overwatch 2 zenyatta discord orb abilityBlizzard
imagine getting bots in your ranked game.

“Saw one the other day at first I legitimately thought it was a bot,” they said. “Turns out the dude was really high and playing Widow in comp.”

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Of course, how the enemy team was behaving was incredibly strange even for potheads, so it was definitely one of the weirdest matchups we’ve seen. Hopefully, Blizzard can detect these in the future and prevent them from ruining ranked matches.

That said, we’re sure everyone else against the bots enjoyed the free win and the extra SR boost.

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