Overwatch 2 players blast “inconsistent” ranked reset for Season 2

overwatch 2 season 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 Season 2 just kicked off, with players’ ranks being reset in some capacity. However many are not happy with the severity and inconsistency of the ranked reset.

Ranked resets are a typical occurrence in competitive games, where the players’ ranks are decreased at the beginning of a new season. This allows for a fresh grind, providing more competitive edge alongside incentive to keep playing the game.

But players are complaining about the severity and inconsistency of the ranked resets in the new season of Overwatch 2.

A Reddit post quickly became a thread of complaints regarding the Overwatch 2 season 2’s soft ranked resets: “I know every season there is a rank reset which puts you in a slightly lower rank, but how is that calculated? It is quite inconsistent for me,” the original poster shared.

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“My DPS went from Plat 2 to Gold 3 = A 5 rank drop, and Tank went from Gold 3 to Gold 4 = A 1 rank drop.”

The comments seem to be in resounding agreement, filling up with players ranting about their own ranked resets.

“I went from Master 5 to Plat 2,” another Overwatch 2 player commented.

One player tried to understand the reasoning behind the exact resets: “My DPS went from Silver 3 to Silver 1 while my Tank went from Plat 4 to Gold 3.

“I think there is no logic to the placement system. The only thing I could imagine it be, is trying to set it closer to your MMR over SR, which still doesn’t really make sense.”

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“If they’re intentionally adding a grind every season I might just end up quitting comp to be honest. There’s just no point if I have to spend like 60 games per role to get back to where I was,” a dissatisfied competitive player ranted.

Nobody has broken the code as to exactly how the Overwatch 2 ranked resets exactly work. But it appears the ranked resets are heavily impacted by some hidden MMR system, albeit the results seem inconsistent across the board.

Depending on if the outcry keeps rising, Blizzard will potentially release a statement on the matter. We will keep you updated if so.

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