Overwatch 2 player hits perfect strike with Wrecking Ball for unique team kill

Andrew Highton
wrecking ball smiling in overwatch 2

A Wrecking Ball player in Overwatch 2 may have peaked early in their efforts to main the character. After deciding to stick with the Tank Hero, the user managed to nail a strike and wipe out the opposing team in the process in one of their first games with them.

Overwatch 2’s diverse roster of characters means that players really are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a Hero. Even though there are only three types of classes in the game: Tank, Damage, and Support, each character has unique properties.

Reinhardt is more of a defensive Tank compared to Junker Queen, whereas Baptiste is a more aggressive Support Hero when stacked up against Mercy.

In a bid to find a new character to use, one Overwatch 2 player decided to take the reigns of one of the game’s Tank Heroes – Wrecking Ball. Their time with the manufactured hamster may crumble under the weight of expectation though as the player pulled off a miraculous play very early on with them.

Wrecking Ball goes bowling for enemies in Overwatch 2

A unique asset in Wrecking Ball’s arsenal is its literal ability to turn into a devastating ball. Using the Roll ability, the Hero can move around at great speeds and further their momentum using their Grappling Claw.

This is exactly what Reddit user _ThePoundLandBandit did in a game of Control on Lijiang Tower.

“Decided to main Wrecking Ball, this is my first clip,” the user said. In their video, they approached the heavily guarded Control point and sneaked around one of the side entrances. Incredibly, the entire enemy team converged outside on the same spot overhanging a ledge.

In the blink of an eye, the OP rolled toward them and used the Grappling Claw to slingshot themselves at the enemy team. Quick than Tracer can use dash, the whole team was knocked off the map and let out loud death screams in unison.

In response, one commenter on the post offered a piece of advice: “That’s your first clip? If I were you I’d stop now, it can only get worse from there haha.”

Other commenters loved the play too, but some were in disbelief at the enemy team’s tactics. “It’s amazing how simultaneously dumb yet coordinated the enemy team is,” said one user, and another added: “And THAT my friends is why you all don’t go out in the open when you hear a ball moving.”

As we said, each and every character can be mastered in their own way. Some players have even found new ways to make Symmetra more deadly in the game.