Overwatch 2 is charging players for a Mercy skin they can actually get for free


Overwatch 2 is charging their players money for a Mercy skin that you can actually get for free, with a little bit of battlepass grinding that is.

When Overwatch transitioned into Overwatch 2, the monetization of the game was drastically shaken up to fit with the new free-to-play model the game is going for. That meant ditching the old loot boxes in favor of the battlepass

With Overwatch 2’s battlepass, players can earn credits for free by just completing it. With those credits, you can buy older skins which have been transferred over from Overwatch 1.

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The only real cost would be your time, as you generally need to complete the entire battlepass to afford a legendary skin. 

However, one of these skins, the Seolbim Mercy Bundle which was released as a Lunar new Year celebration last year, has been put in the store for sale, for $20 in the April 18 shop update. 

Mercy seolbim skinBlizzard
The Mercy Seolbim Skin is free to earn, if you decide to spend time finishing the battlepass

The real in-game cost is 1300 Overwatch credits, which uses real money. However, you cannot buy the exact amount. Rather, you will need to buy 2200 Overwatch credits to afford it, which totals $20.

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The only extras you get with the bundle is a voiceline, player icon, and spray.

Of course, you are not required to spend real money if you do want Seolbim Mercy. You will just need to complete the battlepass, which gives 1800 credits, which is enough to buy it. Or you can earn credits from doing the weekly challenges.

However, if you want to get some of Overwatch 1’s skins – which were free through loot boxes – fast without grinding the battlepass this is the only way.

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As the shop rotates daily with legacy skin bundles, you might miss out on a skin or voiceline you want but have no credits for.

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