Overwatch 2 players argue Hanzo is “insufferable” due to headshot advantages

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Overwatch 2 players think Hanzo counts among the “most insufferable heroes” because of the headshot advantages.

Hanzo appeared on the original roster of 12 Overwatch heroes when the shooter launched in 2016. The character, of course, returned for the sequel, though Blizzard implemented a few changes ahead of launch.

Most notably, the damage output of Hanzo’s Storm Arrow received a relatively minor reduction. That hasn’t stopped players from securing headshots, though.

In fact, some non-Hanzo players believe the character’s appearance on the opposing team makes Overwatch matches less fun than usual.

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Overwatch 2 fans annoyed by Hanzo’s headshot advantages

Reddit user TheRealJefecito posed the following question in a recent thread, “Is it just me or has Hanzo become one of the most insufferable heroes in the game?”

The Redditor then went on to note that whenever they face an enemy team with a Hanzo main, “the game’s fun dies off harder than if they have a Junkrat or even a Mei…” Apparently, the issue lies with Hanzo players who weapon spam until finally landing a headshot.

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Several others in the thread agree with the original poster’s thinking, with one person writing, “This is why I prefer dying to Widow, at least I know it’s skill, not “spamming vaguely aiming at head level.”

“I love getting one tapped and then the kill cam is just Hanzo spamming a corner,” another person said in the thread. The spamming issue is so prevalent that some players have taken to calling the character “Spamzo.”

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But there are Overwatch 2 players who don’t think nailing headshots with Hanzo is as simple as it seems. Wrote one Redditor, “Maybe I just suck but when I play Hanzo I almost never get headshots lol.”

Regardless, it appears that quite a few Overwatch fans prefer to play in matches where the bow-wielding warrior sits on the sidelines.

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