Overwatch fans want classic game mode back to celebrate FIFA World Cup

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Since the World Cup is currently in full swing, Overwatch 2 players want Blizzard to bring back the classic Lucioball game mode.

Blizzard originally added Lucioball during the hero shooter’s first Summer Games event in 2016. This particular Overwatch mode offers a futuristic twist on soccer, wherein two teams of three must score goals on their opponent’s end of the field.

In previous years, alternate versions of Lucioball have gone live, too. The competitive Copa Lucioball joined the 2017 Summer Games and the 2020 seasonal event introduced players to Lucioball Remix.

To the chagrin of many an Overwatch fan, these special game modes remain exclusive to the Summer Games-branded festivities.

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Overwatch 2 players want Lucioball to return for World Cup

The 2022 World Cup remains in full swing, with the final scheduled to take place next month on Sunday, December 18. Overwatch 2 fans have decided they’d like to participate in the games, too.

“Please add Lucioball during the World Cup, Blizzard,” wrote Xevengar in a recent Reddit post that’s since received well over 6,000 upvotes. Many replies to the post agree it would constitute nothing short of a smart move.

One person joked that expecting Overwatch 2 to feature updates that keep up with current events is “asking [for] too much.” And others said Blizzard would probably charge for such an addition.

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Though it’s not a regularly recurring experience, Lucioball evidently remains a fan-favorite Overwatch game mode. But for now, fans can only hope the future will bring more opportunities to enjoy it.

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