Overwatch 2 cheaters are crashing game servers to avoid losing SR

overwatch 2 cheaters crash serversBlizzard Entertainment

Cheaters in Overwatch 2 are restoring to drastic measures to avoid losing games in ranked.

Overwatch 2’s ranked system has been quite controversial since its launch with many blasting it for creating unbalanced matches by putting lower-ranked players in GM lobbies.

Even with these matchmaking woes, cheaters are becoming another big issue with the game, and some don’t even need to use aimbots or wall hacks to wreak havoc.

As showcased by Twitch streamer Vega, some players have found a way to crash the game’s servers if they feel a loss is coming, completely negating a possible win for anyone playing against them.

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‘PostMalone’ crashes OW2 games to avoid losing

During a recent stream, Vega was playing on Blizzard World and was able to hold the enemy team to just two points during their attack phase.

When the sides switched and it was Vega’s team’s turn to attack, the server began to lag like it was 90s dialup internet, resulting in the game abruptly ending.

According to Vega, this happened to him twice in one day when he played against the same cheater, who he claimed was named ‘PostMalone’ and was currently ranked 14 on the Asian servers.

“If a game is remotely close or losable, they crash the server,” he explained.

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In the replies, others revealed they had suffered a similar fate in their own games. One user commented, “He guy literally DDoSed me off the server when it got close and deleted the replay from the replay history afterward.”

It’s not clear what action Blizzard is taking to prevent these issues from happening, but so far, thousands of cheaters have already been banned from Overwatch 2 a few months prior.