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New Overwatch jump trick makes Roadhog’s hook even scarier for enemies

Published: 30/Dec/2020 20:37

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch trick has been discovered that makes Roadhog a massive threat for any enemy hero with some help from a jump.

Roadhog has been on the receiving end of some nice buffs in 2020 which turned the off-tank into more of the damage-dealer he was when the game first launched, before being nerfed to oblivion.

With Hog’s damage now higher and his hook remaining one of the best tools in the game, players have been finding new ways to get the most out of the ability and may have done so in the form of a neat jump tech.


As Twitch streamer Cyx showed on Twitter, while on the high ground as Roadhog, you can hook enemies up to you in a perfect position to get eliminated by a one-shot kill combo.


Basically, by hooking, jumping, and pulling at the same time, you can get enemies right in front of you in a super vulnerable state.

Normally, the enemy hero would just be brought up to the ledge and fall back down or have an easy time dropping. With this new trick, that isn’t the case, and in the two Numbani clips, the enemies have their back to the wall.


“Good for consistent one-shots on squishies and really displacing tanks,” Cyx explained the benefits of the unnamed tech.

Roadhog on Junkertown
Blizzard Entertainment
This trick gets a thumbs up from Roadhog players.

As it turns out, the streamer discovered this trick by watching another player: “I saw the tech first used by another hog player named ‘Silcro’. They know how to really work the hook and I’m always impressed and learning stuff watching them.”

For most heroes in Overwatch, Roadhog should be able to easily score an elimination at point-blank range with at least two shots. This number increases when the enemy is a larger tank with a bigger health pool, but being able to secure frags more consistently makes this trick a must-learn for Roadhog mains.


Hopefully, the tech remains in the game and doesn’t end up getting patched out. So far, Blizzard devs have yet to comment on this technique, so far now, Hog mains can go wild with it.