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Overwatch • Apr 25, 2019

Third-person Overwatch finally arrives thanks to new Workshop mode

Third-person Overwatch finally arrives thanks to new Workshop mode
Blizzard Entertainment

Creative Overwatch players have been turning out an incredible amount of new custom modes using the game’s new Workshop mode, and one user has created a mode that finally lets players experience the game in third-person.


The new Workshop mode was introduced by Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan in a surprise Developer Update on April 25.

Workshop gives players more control to customize Overwatch than ever before, it’s basically like developer’s tools made available to the public.

Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch's Workshop mode came out on April 24.


Third person Overwatch you say?

After the announcement players immediately started playing around with the Workshop, but Reddit user BlizzconX shared a new third-person mode that seems to have become an instant hit.

According to Blizzzcon, the camera can be placed in any corner of the screen in the workshop, but they went with it in the bottom right corner.

The new mode looks awesome and like a lot of fun to play, plus it shows the heroes entire skin instead of what can be seen in first person mode.

There is one issue with the mode: aiming seems to be a bit off as Bastion's projectiles seem to land to the left of the reticule.


Quit stalling, what's the code?

For players who want to try out Blizzcon's third person mode in the Workshop, the code is: NVFTS.

Besides the aiming issues, the hero models also block a bit of the screen, but it really doesn't seem any worse than playing first person.

Now that we know it's possible, maybe Blizzard will add a third person deathmatch mode into the Arcade rotation.

The sheer amount of content that has already come out of the Workshop is kind of insane, and it doesn't show any sign of slowing down soon.

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