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More heroes can now sing karaoke on the Overwatch PTR

Published: 24/Oct/2018 17:29 Updated: 24/Oct/2018 17:35

by Joe O'Brien


More heroes can now use the Busan karaoke machine on the Overwatch PTR.

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The latest PTR update made a series of hero balance changes, but players are now discovering that it also added some new Easter eggs.

In one of the spawn rooms on the Downtown section of Busan, there’s a karaoke machine. As far as most heroes are concerned it just plays background noise, but if you’re Reinhardt there’s an option to sing along.

The Easter egg is one of the most epic and popular in the game, and it seems Blizzard have recognized that popularity and are expanding it. Shortly after the new PTR patch went up, players discovered that Torbjörn can now also take part


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Torbjörn isn’t the only new hero jumping on the mic, however. After players discovered that Blizzard had added more karaoke, further tests revealed that McCree can now also sing a few lines in Busan.

Unfortunately, for the moment these seem to be the only new additions, but with how popular the feature has been even when it was only available to Reinhardt, it seems likely that more will be added further down the line.

Though the karaoke changes will undoubtedly be the most popular aspect of the patch, the new PTR update also makes substantial hero changes. Significant buffs for Roadhog highlight the balance adjustments, but Mercy’s ultimate, Reaper’s shotguns and life steal, and Symmetra’s Photon Projector also received buffs.