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m0xxy “triggered” after bronze Overwatch teammate easily hits masters

Published: 2/Feb/2021 18:16

by Michael Gwilliam


Ranking up in Overwatch can be an insane grind that takes multiple seasons. That’s why Twitch streamer m0xxy was shocked after seeing how a Mercy player on his team managed to go from bronze to masters like it was nothing.

Overwatch normally will award more SR for a win and take away less for a loss depending on your hidden MMR. This can also work the other way, with some players earning less SR for victories and losing a tonne for defeats. Basically, your performance in matches matters.

That said, being able climb super high in just a few games despite starting out at a lower SR range is practically unheard of. As such, m0xxy was rattled after checking the profile of a Mercy player in his game and their career history.


After a rough first round on Nepal Sanctum, m0xxy noted how the support was pocketing him instead of their Zenyatta who was constantly under pressure. A clear sign that that the player was lacking game sense to keep up at his level.

When he checked the Mercy’s first season of competitive play, which was back in season 24, he noticed they were a bronze DPS player and a diamond support. An extremely odd rank disparity.

“What the fuck?” he gasped. “Hold on. How does this make sense, Blizzard?!”

He then realized that the player’s support rank skyrocketed in just one season with minimal games played. “First season 3200. Then plays one hour on Mercy, nets six wins. This guy netted six wins and the difference was 400 SR!”


With some quick math, m0xxy concluded that the player was able to average a gain of 75 SR per win, which as previously explained, is quite ridiculous.

“How does one even get 75 SR per win?” he pondered. “I’m triggered. Why does Blizzard let that happen?”

Brigitte in top 500 and bronze
Blizzard Entertainment
Going from a bronze DPS to a masters support is a bit crazy.

“Why can someone, first ever season, they play and they get 3200? That’s fine. You can be winning placement games against masters and get placed in diamond. Makes sense,” he added. “But 75? He gained 400 SR in six wins. Six net wins. It’s not like he played 500 games. He played seven games. It’s just a problem with the system at that point.”


Unfortunately for the streamer, he ended up losing the game, but if Blizzard ends up doing something about these ridiculous SR gains, he may end up being a huge winner overall.