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Could a leaked Overwatch audio clip confirm Echo as Hero 32?

Published: 18/Mar/2020 2:06 Updated: 18/Mar/2020 2:09

by Brad Norton


Soldier: 76’s Brazilian voice actor may have just accidentally confirmed Echo as the next hero in Overwatch while sharing a video of him recording voice lines online with his fans.

As Blizzard begins teasing the next addition to the Overwatch cast of characters, one of Soldier: 76’s global voice actors may have accidentally leaked new information that points to Echo being the latest hero.

Translated from English into a wide array of languages around the world, it appears Blizzard has been recording a number of Brazillian voice lines for Overwatch of late and the local Soldier: 76 could have just confirmed the next hero.


Blizzard Entertainment

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Sharing a seemingly innocent clip to his Facebook page, José Augusto Sendim recently visited a recording studio to continue his work on Blizzard’s hero shooter.

Before delivering a new slate of voice lines however, the actor pulled out his phone and recorded a 30-second clip that featured a number of recognizable English voices, as well as a few new interesting tidbits.

At the 17-second mark of the video, Soldier’s English actor Fred Tatasciore can be heard saying “talk to Liao” or “Doctor Liao.” Regardless, the name can clearly be heard and appears to confirm Liao will play a major role in the game very soon.


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As recent teases have indicated, Dr. Mina Liao is a founding member of Overwatch and a doctor recognized for her efforts developing artificial life. 

Popular community theories suggest that the character may have found a way to merge her consciousness with an Omnic body, therefore assuming the role of Echo, a highly-anticipated figure that has been confirmed for Overwatch 2.

While there’s no surefire guarantee that Echo will, in fact, be the next hero, all signs seemingly point towards that being the case.

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“Everyone get back, stay down, stay down!” an unknown character screams in the March 17 teaser before the sound of a huge explosion can be heard.


Coincidentally, these exact same lines can be heard at the start of the video from Soldier’s Brazilian voice actor.

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A few lines cannot quite be deciphered, though one final quote from Soldier states that “you should join us.”

There is no way to tell exactly who the grizzled veteran is talking to, though this could be Echo’s invitation to band together and join Overwatch’s roster.

Echo has been a highly anticipated addition to Overwatch for a number of years.

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Not much else is known about the upcoming reveal outside of these brief teasers, however, French streamer ‘Altheaow’ shared on March 4 that the next addition would be a “support” hero.


Additionally, throughout a March 16 broadcast, Overwatch streamer ‘emongg’ hinted that the next character could be revealed on Thursday, March 19.