Pokimane predicts that Valorant will be the “Overwatch killer”

Pokimane (Twitch) / Riot Games / Blizzard

Popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has tipped Riot Games’ Valorant to be the title that dethrones Overwatch from the top of character-based shooters.

Riot Games’ venture into the tactical shooter genre has plenty within the esports domain eagerly anticipating their upcoming release.

Valorant’s gameplay revolves largely around its extensive roster of Agents, who each have their own ability set — which will ultimately play a large role in the outcome each round.

Viper on Bind's Reactor Site A in Valorant.Riot Games
Agent abilities will work most like a personalized utility belt, equipping each Agent with their own unique way of segmenting maps.

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Based on early alpha gameplay and teaser trailers, many have hailed Valorant to be the perfect blend of CS:GO and Overwatch. However, it’s Blizzard’s team-based shooter that Pokimane believes is vulnerable to Valorant’s imminent threat.

Talking on the Episode 11 of the Offline TV Podcast, the gang started toing and froing with Team SoloMid streamer, Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, about Valorant and what the meta of the game will look like on release.

After drawing comparisons to Blizzard’s Overwatch, Anys stated: “I think it might be the Overwatch killer,” to which William ‘Scarra’ Li sarcastically responded, asking: “Do you think there needs to be a game for that to happen?”

Segment starts at 12:00 for mobile users.

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Pokimane continued to discuss Overwatch’s slump from where it was a few years back. “The more I think about it, and I think about Overwatch’s decline, this is just going to be the last nail in the coffin really.”

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang edged in with how Overwatch’s competitive league’s setup was ruined by Activision Blizzard. “Overwatch kind of just ruined their competitive league, with just how it was set up,” Wang opened.

“You have to fly to places to play and they inflate their numbers, and then they sell it to sponsors, then the sponsors are like, ‘wait something’s not adding up.’”

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Of course, the popular Facebook streamer was referring to the franchised Overwatch League, where teams have been trying a home and away format for the first time — which has taken a backseat with the imminent threat of the coronavirus outbreak.

Pokimane’s argument of Valorant being the “Overwatch killer” is a logical argument, considering both titles share so many similarities. However, with Riot’s character-based shooter not even released yet, only time will tell whether her opinion prevails to be right.