Latest Overwatch short story reveals surprising new information about Soldier: 76

Bill Cooney

The latest Overwatch short story by lead writer Michael Chu, “Bastet”, previews a new Ana skin and reveals to fans that Soldier: 76 is gay.

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“Bastet” came out on Monday, January 7 and is the first time Overwatch has used a short story format instead of comics or an animated short to dispense lore.

Ana may be the stories’ featured hero, and get an awesome new skin previewed at the end, but fans also learn a lot about Soldier: 76 (AKA Jack Morrison) as well.

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In a scene (pages 12-13) where Ana and Soldier are looking over some old photos, Ana comes across one of Morrison standing with a dark haired man named Vincent, and inquires if Soldier has been keeping tabs on him.

It’s clearly implied here that this “Vincent” was in a relationship with Soldier for some time while he was a part of Overwatch.

Soldier cared about Vincent, but in the end, wasn’t able to put anything above his “duty,” so he had to let him go.

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It’s not the first time the Overwatch team has provided lore on characters relationships, as fans found out Tracer had a girlfriend in the “Reflections” comic from December 2016, and it was hinted in the same comic that Brigitte (who was still far from being released) was Torbjorn’s daughter.

“Bastet” has been an unexpected surprise for Overwatch fans, with plenty of lore and a look at a new skin, but players can also look forward to an update sometime next week, according to Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

Since the release of the short story, Chu has confirmed that Soldier: 76 and Vincent were involved in a romantic relationship.