Jeff Kaplan teases Overwatch 2 dog hero in sequel

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 Game Director Jeff Kaplan has seemingly teased that a dog could be coming to the shooter sequel, potentially as a playable hero.

The Overwatch universe is filled with all sorts of wacky characters, ranging from gorilla scientists, robot monks, mech-piloting hamsters and even cyborg ninjas, but what is seems to be lacking is man’s best friend: a dog.

Players have seen dogs and cats in Overwatch before, such as with Orisa and Brigitte’s emotes, but the concept of getting one as a playable hero still intrigues fans.

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In a recent interview with GameSpot, Jeff Kaplan was asked if the team had been experimenting with more animal-based heroes for Overwatch 2.

Wrecking Ball in spaceBlizzard Entertainment
Wrecking Ball was Overwatch’s second animal hero.

“We put a hamster, which was a pretty big deal. I’m trying to think,” he said, of course referencing Hammond also known as Wrecking Ball.

The interviewer then brought up a scrapped cat hero that the team had discussed awhile back, known to fans as jetpack cat – a flying feline that unfortunately never “took off” – and if a dog hero may be in the works.

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“Well, a dog would be cool, too. Actually, Orisa has a dog,” Kaplan said. “There is a big dog moment coming up. I’m not going to spoil it now, but there is a dog that people will fall in love with coming up.”

Brigitte and ReinhardtBlizzard Entertainment
Who could this new dog belong to?

According to Jeff, this will be a new dog that players haven’t seen before, but it apparently belongs to another one of the heroes in the game that fans will be learning more about.

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It’s unclear if this dog belongs to an existing hero or a new one created just for Overwatch 2, or if the dog itself will be a hero.

Sadly, Kaplan didn’t elaborate on the dog or hero further, but at least we now know that Overwatch 2 will be featuring some more animals.

Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 still doesn’t have a release date.

In addition to the possible dog hero, fans managed to spot at least two unannounced heroes during the BlizzCon presentation, one of which being the mysterious Junker Queen.

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Hopefully, we’ll learn more about her and this dog in the months ahead as more information about the sequel is released.