Jeff Kaplan reveals new Overwatch content will actually drop before Overwatch 2

Jeff Kaplan discussing OverwatchGamesBeat / Blizzard

Hot off the heels of BlizzConline’s deep dive into Overwatch 2, game director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the current version of Overwatch will indeed receive new content throughout 2021.

Blizzard’s recent online showcase gave the Overwatch community its first real look at the highly anticipated sequel since its 2019 reveal. From new maps to new hero designs and plenty more, there was a ton on display. 

Despite the flood of information on Overwatch 2, a vast majority of players came away with one key disappointment in mind. With the sequel still a ways off, where does that leave the current version of Overwatch?

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Those still playing the original game haven’t seen a new hero in 10 months nor have they been treated to a new competitive map in 22 months. Thus, many assumed the game was in limbo while devs work on the sequel.

In one of his first interviews following BlizzConline, however, Kaplan assured new content is indeed coming soon.

Overwatch 2 gameplayBlizzard
Overwatch 2 might be the core focus right now, but devs are still working on fresh content for the base game.

“It’s not like our plan is we’re not going to do anything between now and the release of Overwatch 2,” he told Gamespot. “That’s not our plan. We do have content planned.”

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What might the next year or so of content look like? One thing was made clear: don’t expect to see a new hero ahead of the sequel. “We know that’s what players want,” Kaplan stated. 

“It literally comes down to: we can release a new hero but then [have to] delay Overwatch 2. And I don’t think that’s the right decision right now.”

So while new characters are off-limits for the foreseeable future, there’s still plenty to look forward to, according to Kaplan.

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“There’s a lot of cool things that I think will keep the game fresh. And some things people might expect, some things people don’t even know are on the radar, so I think it’ll be a good year.”

Overwatch 2 gameplay SojournBlizzard
It’s all but certain we won’t see any new heroes in Overwatch until the sequel is released.

There’s no telling exactly what these surprises could be, though it’s safe to assume Overwatch will still see the usual events over the next 12 months. From Halloween Terror to Winter Wonderland, these fan favorites likely won’t be going anywhere.

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Beyond that, Kaplan remained tight-lipped. We’ll have to wait and see what the developers have in store for us but players can rest easy knowing there is actually content in-store before we get to Overwatch 2.