Jayne says Fusion “spat in pros’ faces” by signing Overwatch streamer

Michael Gwilliam

Former Dallas Fuel assistant coach and Overwatch streamer Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy criticized the Philadelphia Fusion’s signing of Philip ‘ChipSa’ Graham in a massive Twitter rant.

Conroy, who was best known for his educational coaching streams and helming the Fuel, suggested that ChipSa’s brother Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham who coaches for the Fusion, had some say in the decision which left an “elephant in the room.”

Houston Outlaws DPS Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz responded to Jayne’s comments, asking the former assistant coach to explain his own roster decisions from his time with Dallas, suggesting Jayne’s moves also left out “more deserving individuals.”

In response, Jayne claimed that the Fuel and its Contenders roster of Envy, “don’t undermine the path to pro and spit in the face of individuals who actually grind for this opportunity.”

He also told Outlaws GM Matt ‘Flame’ Rodriguez that, while it’s fine “to sign someone as a content creator or influencer,” ChipSa would be “functionally in that role (as a streamer) while masquerading as a professional,” for the Fusion.

Overwatch League analyst and former pro Jonathan‘ Reinforce’ Larsson said he didn’t understand the criticism and suggested Jayne should be happy if his opponents picked up “bad, undeserving players.”

To this, Jayne suggested that by signing ChipSa, the Fusion were hurting the legitimacy of the league itself.

Later, in a Twitter broadcast, the former coach doubled down on his rant.

“ChipSa is in no way going to be the best player Philadelphia Fusion could have picked up,” he said. “He’s a streamer. The last time he played professionally if you can even call it that, was in 2016. He’s been streaming ever since.”

He went on to claim while streaming on Twitter that the Fusion are “not the most well-respected organization on the inside of the league” and that they “play dirty.” However, he didn’t elaborate on this claim.


On November 15, Jayne announced he was leaving the Dallas Fuel in order to create content full time with Team Envy. Dexerto has reached out to Envy and Jayne for comment and will update the story if either respond.

ChipSa, meanwhile, took the high ground and simply tweeted “God I love drama.” It will be interesting to see how the streamer, mostly known for his Doomfist play, can perform in the Overwatch League in 2020.

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