How to play The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim in Overwatch Workshop

Connor Bennett

One extremely creative Overwatch fan has been able to take the iconic Elder Scrolls: Skyrim title and make their own version in the popular Blizzard multiplayer game.

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The new Overwatch Workshop mode was introduced to the fans by Jeff Kaplan on April 24 and has handed the tools to the most creative of Overwatch players to well and truly shake up the game.

Some fans have already made quick work of creating new heros, game modes, and even turning Blizzard’s popular title on it’s head – quite literally – by making a top-down version of the game.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Fans have already run wild in the Workshop with their creations.

Overwatch x Skyrim

However, some fans are going that one step further – remaking some of their favorite games in Overwatch. We’ve already seen OverPortal, which puts the iconic Portal Gun in the hands of Tracer, bringing the Valve classic to Blizzard’s game.

Now another fan, Reddit user ezio15, has brought Skyrim to Overwatch. By using the Eichenwalde map, players can sneak around the surroundings and eliminate a ton of bots. By staying crouched, characters will be ‘invisible’ – giving them the Sneak 100 level from Skyrim.

However, standing up will remove your invisibility and any bots in the vicinity will immediately turn their focus to you.

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Fans impressed by crossover

Some fans were left clearly impressed by what they were seeing and revealed that they were going to try it out. “This looks ridiculously fun,” commented one Redditor. The ‘code’ system in the workshop allows players to play on other user-created levels.

Another, going under the username Ezaf19, added: “Holy shit, this is fun. Even just watching it makes me hyped.”

Fortnite Battle Royale.

While an official Skyrim-themed map may be unlikely, you can still try this user-created map out. You’ll just have to punch in code: KBBF2.