Overwatch teases unreleased Winter Wonderland Ashe and Mercy skins

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Overwatch’s celebration of the holidays just might have given us a preview of new skins for Mercy and Ashe.

The Winter Wonderland event is in full swing for 2021, but Overwatch might have given us a bonus treat — a preview of some future holiday skins.

On December 24, Overwatch tweeted a picture of Ashe, B.O.B. Mercy and Genji celebrating the holidays together, and some players noted Mercy and Ashe had brand new looks going on.

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New Mercy and Ashe Winter Wonderland skins teased

Blizzard Entertainment
If you look closely, you can see Reaper looking in on this cozy scene from outside.

Mercy has a knitted sweater-like getup we’ve never seen before that definitely has plenty of holiday spirit. She’s got reindeer ears and antlers as well, which would make this look a hit with all the Mercy Mains out there.

Ashe has on a black outfit with red gloves and fur lining that’s just perfect for her character. A Santa hat tops it all off, for a skin we could definitely see being added during Winter Wonderland.

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Of course, we can’t forget about B.O.B. who has been transformed into a ginger bread version of himself. To be completely honest, we’re surprised Blizzard hasn’t added this as a skin already. It’s just too good.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Mercy/Ashe image reminds us a lot of this pic from the first ever Winter Wonderland event in 2016.

Genji could certainly be previewed here as well, but his look here does resemble the “Young Genji” skin, except with a holiday sweater and some red-nosed slippers.

There are a few reasons these could be previews of new skins instead of just some festive art. First off these aren’t looks we’ve ever seen for any of the heroes included before (except poor Reaper), and they were tweeted out by the official Overwatch account.

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So, save that image and tuck it away until next year, when we could see these new holiday skins arrive. And if they don’t — you have our permission to drop in and remind us how wrong we were.

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