Overwatch pro shows off sneaky Tracer trick to pull off “invisible Pulse Bomb”

Overwatch League / Blizzard Entertainment

With $3.2 million on the line during the Overwatch League playoffs, teams are bringing out their best tricks. And that’s great for Tracer mains, who are analyzing a Fleta trick that can help you deliver an “invisible Pulse Bomb” on Volskaya Industries.

Volskaya Industries, like essentially all 2CP maps, can be remarkably hard to break through when attacking the second point. The defenders are near their spawn and have both high ground and clear lanes to defend the chokepoints.

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But, during a 2021 Shanghai Dragons match against the Philadelphia Fusion, MVP-nominated DPS Kim ‘Fleta’ Byung-sun blew his opponents and viewers’ minds with what fans are now calling the “invisible Pulse Bomb.”

“Blind Attack”

Fusion’s Kyung-bo ‘Alarm’ Kim, 2020’s Rookie of the Year, was frustratingly perched atop the high ground overlooking Point B when — out of seemingly nowhere — he got stuck and killed. In the replays, Reddit discovered how Fleta managed the blind bombing.

As you can see in the clip, Alarm was hanging out, being a nuisance for the Dragons to contest. A moment later, he’s stuck with a Pulse Bomb and sent to the spawn room, without ever really getting to see his assailant.

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The replays show what really happened, though: Fleta positioned himself by a crate approaching the point, then blinked once onto a nearby ledge, a second time onto Alarm’s ledge, and, finally, used his ultimate and rewind abilities near-simultaneously.

In the end, Alarm was dead, the Dragons had an advantage, and viewers were left completely confused.

Tracer OverwatchActivision Blizzard
Tracer is Overwatch’s speediest killer.

A stealthy character in the right hands, Tracer mains know she can deliver death from anywhere. While some may have known about this blink trick, it’s definitely a useful one to be reminded of and one that is new to a lot of people.

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As Reddit’s ‘Lawryth’ commented, this was a wild play for the victim to endure: “From Alarm’s POV, this is so scary man. Trying to live the normal Ana life with Hotba as a bodyguard, and suddenly a stick from nowhere.”

This match was actually before the playoffs, but it’s the type of sneaky behavior that fans can expect from the top pros now that more money is on the line. Both the Dragons and Fusion made it to the postseason, so maybe we’ll even get a chance to see some revenge.

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