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Insane Hammond and Sigma combo instantly deletes enemy Overwatch team

Published: 8/Feb/2020 21:54

by Alan Bernal


An incredibly effective combo with Hammond and Sigma’s Ultimates in Overwatch instantly deleted an entire team without a chance to counter.

Since the mad Astrophysicist was added to the game’s roster in July 2019, people have been experimenting with his gravity-defying kit and how to best synergize it with the other heroes in Overwatch.


But it looks like the best combo comes courtesy of Sigma’s ult Gravitic Flux that lifts players up into the sky, with Hammond laying down a Minefield just before the other team slams down onto it.

Sigma’s abilities give him the perfect opening for Hammond in Overwatch.

The combo was pulled off by Reddit user ‘RainbowRobert’ and their teammate when there was a stalemate at the doorway near the B point on Paris.


Looking for a way to break the deadlock, Robert goes around the pillars to look for a quick flank that would open up the fight for their team to barrel in.

Popping Sigma’s ult, the player flew high up into the air just as the friendly Hammond swung into the action on their own accord.

Teamwork makes the dream work! :^) from Overwatch

Then it was a juggling act with the tank lifting the entire six-man side of the other team with the Gravitic Flux while Hammond slammed down into the ground just to pop his ult that lays down 15 proximity mines around him.


When the effects of Sigma’s ult expired the whole enemy team was left defenseless, dropping to the explosives that were put beneath them while they were lifted in the air.

The combo lit up the killfeed with all six members of the enemy team swiftly taken out with the prowess of the tank combo.

RainbowRobert via Reddit
The combo was pulled to perfection with Sigma lifting the team just as Hammond came in swinging.

It must have been a sad realization for the other team. If you look at the Reinhardt, it’s almost like he knew what was coming since his shield was up looking and aimed right below them as they dropped.


But nothing could save the team, who were left without a lifeline to save them. The ultimate is one of the best combos with Sigma to come out so far.

It won’t take long before more players adopt the strat with hero 31 and Hammond that seems to be an effective way of clearing out a team in Overwatch.


McCree players are breaking Overwatch again in Halloween Terror update

Published: 15/Oct/2020 7:57

by Brad Norton


The Halloween Terror event is back in Overwatch, meaning that players are finding new ways to mess with Junkenstein’s Revenge. 2020’s experiments might be the most damaging yet as the community is quite literally breaking the game.

Another year of Halloween Terror means another year of Junkenstein’s Revenge action. The fan-favorite PvE mode has made its mark five years in a row now, and players are continuing to find new ways to mess with it.


The wave-based mode comes with all-new Challenge Missions and powerful mini-bosses this time around. While you might be familiar with things by now, each week brings new variations into the mix.

No different from every other year, it’s the perfect experience to truly push heroes to their limits. You may have seen McCree’s Ultimate taking down dozens of Zomnics in previous iterations.


However, things have been taken to an entirely new level in 2020.

Mendatory Highest Noon for Junkenstein’s Event! from Overwatch

Thanks to the help of the Workshop, certain tweaks can be applied to the PvE experience. From extra health on the castle doors to outright disabling enemy attacks. There’s a ton that goes into this bot-destroying record hunt and this year is no different.

Reddit user ‘Sneakyguy164’ was all too prepared to fine-tune Junkenstein’s Revenge. After battling through the earlier rounds, it was time for things to ramp up with increased bot spawns and a ton of mini-bosses.


Before long, the lobby had so many moving characters that it refused to create any more. “After a certain amount of elites have spawned, the server considers itself overloaded and doesn’t spawn bots,” they explained. As they reached this point, with the maximum number of enemies on screen, it was time to mow them down.

McCree’s Ultimate was buffed by Ana’s Nano Boost and in a split moment, the game broke. Animations stopped playing, shots stopped firing, and textures bugged out. Roadhogs all over the map were left stuck in place as servers tried to catch up.

Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge gameplay
Zomnics are no match for this ridiculous High Noon.

Once everything popped back into place, dozens of enemies instantly vanished. While the near server-crashing efforts were impressive, the creator of the Workshop mode hopes others will be considerate with it.


“Seeing as this post got way more attention than it did last year, I hope we won’t fry a server or two by having a bunch of people try it out,” they said.

You can check out this specific version of Junkenstein’s Revenge using the code: SEXYM. Just be careful not to take down any servers in your own attempts.