Overwatch cosplayer schools fans with perfectly accurate Academy D.Va

by Meg Bethany Koepp
Blizzard Entertainment / Instagram: @delcattnip


An insanely talented cosplayer has taken D.Va's Academy skin and turned it into a work of art, giving Overwatch fans a glimpse of what the Korean hero would look like in real life.

D.Va first got her Academy skin in May 2019 for the first-person shooter's third Anniversary annual Event. Players quickly fell in love with the new cosmetic, and praised it as one of the tank's best.

Even now, fans still love the skin – much like cosplayer Jenna who decided to dress up as the Korean's school form. Her take will be sure to leave the community in awe because of how insanely accurate it is to the game.

Blizzard Entertainment
People love the hero's Academy skin.


The perfect Academy D.Va cosplay

In her skin, D.Va sports a navy blue blazer with gold and pink trimmings, and a white shirt underneath with a pink tie for that official student look. The cosplayer nails this in her take, and even includes meticulous detailing such as gold buttons on the sleeves, the school logo, and the Korean text on her collar.

While the uniform is a key piece to the cosmetic, the most defining feature of the outfit is probably the tank's golden rimmed round glasses – something that, again, the art student mimics perfectly.

The hairstyle also replicates the hero, with dark brown pigtails and side bangs that sit above the eyebrows, and she even included her iconic pink facial markings on both of her cheeks.


Another shot of the cosplayer gives a better look at the full outfit. Along with the blazer, D.Va also wears a pink plaid skirt that sits just above the knee, with gold detailing that matches the jacket.

This is another thing that Jenna pulls off with precision, and honors the skin's school vibe by carrying a pink backpack on her shoulders. She also wears the character's golden headphones as well, which ties the whole thing together.

As to truly not forget the Korean's Overwatch membership, the artist finishes off the look by including the tank's light gun, complete with dangling pink rabbit charm.


D.Va isn't the only Overwatch character that Jenna has taken on – she's also created looks for Mercy, Widowmaker, a female Genji, Tracer, and more.

Her designs are some of the best game-to-life renditions we've seen to date, and really show that sometimes, cosplays can truly be on another level.