Incredible Overwatch trick lets Reinhardt bunny hop with Earthshatter

Reinhardt uses Earthshatter on WinstonBlizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch tech has been discovered that lets Reinhardt do an extra hop with his Earthshatter ultimate, potentially leading to some incredible highlights.

When it comes to ultimates in Overwatch, few can be as impactful as Reinhardt’s Earthshatter. With the power to knock enemies on their backs leaving them super vulnerable to follow-up damage, teams can win fights off it alone.

Although powerful, there is one disadvantage to Earthshatter and that is its cast time. Because the ultimate isn’t instant, teams can time crowd control abilities to stop it or even put barriers in front.

Luckily, all that can change thanks to the discovery of a new trick that lets Reinhardt hop during his Earthshatter animation and potentially even bypass barriers to hit people behind them.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Rein’s hammer should never, ever be underestimated.

The trick is easy enough to perform with a little practice. As explained by users on Reddit, for PC players, the tactic is a bit easier. With jump bound to the mouse’s scroll wheel, start spinning it after the first jump and hit the ultimate button the moment you touch the ground.

Alternatively, by holding the jump button, you can accomplish this too, but some players may prefer the scroll wheel method.

The key part of this trick is that it gives the tank a bit more space to move forward and potentially get behind enemy barriers, but it could come in very handy in the Reinhardt mirror match.

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By making the enemy tank believe he blocked the shatter, they may end up dropping their shield, thus allowing them to get hit by the delayed ultimate. This would mean both the enemy Reinhardt and everyone behind him are sent to the ground where they’d likely be eliminated.

It unclear whether or not Blizzard will view this trick as a bug or a tech. If they view it as a bug, then chances are they’ll look into patching it out. However, if the devs don’t see a major issue with it, then don’t expect to see it removed from the game.

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In any case, give this trick a shot next time you’re on Reinhardt and see if you can catch your opponents off guard.