Snappy Overwatch trick lets Sombra mini jump to avoid being booped off maps

Sombra activates EMP in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Being booped off any map in Overwatch is one of the most demoralizing things to happen to any player. Not only does all your health go from full to zero in the blink of an eye, but it always seems avoidable. Luckily, there is a special trick that can let Sombra completely avoid these deaths.

Sombra is a character who shouldn’t be getting booped off the map ever really thanks to her Translocator. Serving as a teleportation device, as long as it’s activated, the Talon hacker can easily get out of rough situations.

That said, sometimes the Translocator could be destroyed or on cool down. In this case, Sombra becomes just as mortal as every other Overwatch hero and vulnerable to dying off the map.

That is, unless the Sombra player has EMP available. EMP is one of the strongest ultimates in Overwatch, completely removing enemy barriers, shield health and prevents any enemy hit with it from using their abilities.

Sombra uses hack.Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra has a lot of powerful tools in her kit.

Given its immense power and fight-winning potential, it’s crazy to think that it has a hidden mobility use as well that should only be used in dire emergencies.

EMP can give Sombra some vertical mobility when it’s activated and also stops any horizontal momentum she may have had. While normally this jump wouldn’t be enough to allow her to reach new heights, when combined with an enemy boop, she can use this extra air time to get back onto the ledge.

This trick is exactly what Overwatch pro Nicholas ‘Speedily’ Zou did during the Grand Finals of the Florida Mayhem Spring Classic tournament.

With Lijiang Tower Night Market tied at 99% and the last fight of the round, Speedily and his team had to maintain control of the objective. As numbers grew in their favor, Speedily was nearly sent off the map by an enemy Lucio.

Instead of Translocating, however, he instead activated EMP to get back onto the map and even hit the support with it, letting his team confirm the frag.

“I love the use of the EMP for the momentum stop,” commentator Legday explained to viewers.

It’s always cool when an ability in Overwatch gets some new use and this is one that could end up saving you in extremely dire situations.