Dragons, Shock win Overwatch League Countdown Cup: final placements

Kris and Jjonak side by side in OWLBen Pursell and Robert Paul for Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is coming to a close in July. The Countdown Cup marks the penultimate stage of OWL for 2020, with only one more set of competition before the post-season.

The Countdown Cup is just that ⁠— the start of the countdown towards the Overwatch League postseason. All 20 teams will be vying for crucial wins ahead of the playoffs, which is set to kick off in September.

While no team will be missing out on the post-season, it’s important to rack up the wins in the Cups. The Countdown Cup is no different. The victors in NA and Asia will receive an additional three wins towards their final tally, which could be the difference between a top-seed and a middle-of-the-pack team in playoffs.

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OWL Countdown Cup recap

Over in Asia, the Dragons clean swept the competition yet again to claim their second showdown title for 2020. They made light work of the New York Excelsior and the Hangzhou Spark, definitively setting themselves as the team to beat in APAC.

Last month’s champions, the Guangzhou Charge, finished in last after losing a tight 3-2 battle to New York.

In NA, the Shock have returned to the throne after dismantling the Philadelphia Fusion in the final. While their run was less clean than the Dragons, dropping three maps along the way, the win was crucial to cement themselves yet again at the top of the NA power rankings. Paris and Florida finished in 3-4th after falling to the respective finalists.

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Overwatch League Countdown Cup stream

As with every Overwatch League event, you can catch the action on YouTube. Although the event is over, all the VODs have been embedded below for your convenience.

OWL Countdown Cup Day 1 – NA

OWL Countdown Cup Day 1 – Asia

OWL Countdown Cup Day 2 – NA

OWL Countdown Cup Day 2 – Asia

OWL Countdown Cup Day 3 – NA

Overwatch League Countdown Cup schedule and results

Friday, August 7

Region Game PT ET BST
NA Atlanta 3 – 0 Vancouver 12pm 3pm 8pm
NA LA Valiant 3 – 0 Houston 2pm 5pm 10pm
NA Dallas 3 – 2 Washington 4pm 7pm 12am August 8
NA Toronto 2 – 3 LA Gladiators 6pm 9pm 2am August 8

Saturday, August 8

Region Game PT ET BST
Asia Chengdu 3 – 0 London 1am 4am 9am
Asia Hangzhou 3 – 2 Seoul 3am 6am 11am
Asia Guangzhou 2 – 3 New York 5am 8am 1pm
NA San Francisco 3 – 0 Dallas 12pm 3pm 8pm
NA Philadelphia 3 – 0 LA Gladiators 2pm 5pm 10pm
NA Florida 3 – 0 Atlanta Reign 4pm 7pm 12am August 9
NA Paris 3 – 1 LA Valiant 6pm 9pm 2am August 9

Sunday, August 9

Region Game PT ET BST
Asia Shanghai 3 – 0 New York 1am 4am 9am
Asia Hangzhou 3 – 1 Chengdu 3am 6am 11am
Asia Hangzhou 0 – 4 Shanghai 5am 8am 1pm
NA San Francisco 3 – 1 Florida 10am 1pm 6pm
NA Paris 1 – 3 Philadelphia 12pm 3pm 8pm
NA Philadelphia 2 – 4 San Francisco 2pm 5pm 10pm

Overwatch League Countdown Cup final placements

OWL Countdown Cup NA placements

Place Team Prize Money
1 San Francisco Shock $65,000
2 Phildadelphia Fusion $35,000
3-4 Florida Mayhem $15,000
3-4 Paris Eternal $15,000
5-8 Dallas Fuel $5,000
5-8 Atlanta Reign $5,000
5-8 Los Angeles Valiant $5,000
5-8 Los Angeles Gladiators $5,000
9-12 Vancouver Titans $0
9-12 Houston Outlaws $0
9-12 Washington Justice $0
9-12 Toronto Defiant $0
13 Boston Uprising $0

OWL Countdown Cup Asia placements

Place Team Prize Money
1 Shanghai Dragons $60,000
2 Hangzhou Spark $35,000
3-4 New York Excelsior $15,000
3-4 Chengdu Hunters $15,000
5-7 Guangzhou Charge $0
5-7 Seoul Dynasty $0
5-7 London Spitfire $0

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