Hotline Miami recreated in Overwatch with amazing Workshop creation

Published: 13/Jun/2019 20:10 Updated: 13/Jun/2019 22:03

by Eli Becht


Another masterpiece has come out of the Overwatch Workshop mode and this time it’s Hotline Miami being completely recreated.

The new Workshop mode in Overwatch has opened up a gateway to many things players would’ve thought to be impossible in the game.

Overwatch is a first-person shooter but that hasn’t stopped players from putting some major twists on the game, as evidenced by this top-down Hotline Miami recreation that somehow works out quite well.

Blizzard EntertainmentWorkshop has brought new life to Overwatch.

Overwatch meets Hotline Miami…?

If you’re one of those people who think that a game like this wouldn’t work in Overwatch, just taking a quick look at this mod would quickly convince you otherwise. 

Outside of just getting it up and running from a top-down view, the creator even went the extra mile in getting an actual game running there.

Blizzard EntertainmentWorkshop modes are very popular nowadays.

The original Overwatch heroes all make an appearance complete with their own weapons to make them feel different from one another.

  • Pistol (Mercy) – 15 rounds. Medium fire rate.
  • Sniper (Zenyatta) – 10 rounds. Slow fire rate. Increased aim distance.
  • Shotgun (Roadhog) – 6 rounds. Medium fire rate. Large spread.
  • Assault Rifle (Orisa) – 24 rounds. Fast fire rate.
  • Sword (Genji) – A sword. Medium swing rate. Rather large range so to compensate, Genji is mildly slower than all other heroes.

The game mode is free for all so make sure you pick the hero you want before you fight to the death.

What other creations have come to the Workshop?

As mentioned earlier, the Workshop mode has allowed fans to create numerous new modes for Overwatch.

Some players have even started to use the Workshop mode as a way of implement buffs for heroes, such as Roadhog turning into a jump pad.

The possibilities are endless and really go as far as the player’s imagination will take them.


Awesome Overwatch Koeran skin designs would be perfect for Lunar New Year

Published: 24/Jan/2021 20:44 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 21:11

by Bill Cooney


One creative fan has come up with a set of designs for Sombra, Winston, and Mercy that would make perfect skins for Overwatch’s upcoming Lunar New Year event.

As far as Overwatch events go, Lunar New Year is always a treat as it brings some of the most unique skins and other cosmetics to the game, while celebrating a holiday a lot of us in the Western Hemisphere might not otherwise be aware of.

It also happens just a few weeks after Winter Wonderland wraps up, which is a bonus since we don’t have to wait very long for new content. Lunar New Year, like the other events, is also a great inspiration for the more artistically-minded folks in the community to come up with some great skin designs of their own.

This year, Overwatch fan and artist seadragon art has returned with three designs for Mercy, Sombra, and a wild one for Winston that would make perfect skins for the upcoming event.

seadragon art
Mercy has traded in her Cadecus Pistol for a literal hand-cannon, and we’re all for it.

We’ll start with Mercy, who goes from blonde to brunette for this skin, along with some wings that look like literal feathery angel wings. Instead of her usual piece, she’s now got a full-on hand-cannon

Her staff is made of what looks like some kind of wood, and topped with a flower. A white robe ties it all together and we can practically see this skin activating Valkyrie above the battlefield.

Next is Sombra, who also has Korean-inspired threads that follow the colorway of her original, purple skin. Like Mercy, she’s no longer rocking her trademark Uzi, and also has a massive, ancient-looking cannon instead.

seadragon art
We could definitely see this Sombra skin being a hit with Overwatch players.

Finally, we have what could be one of the greatest skin ideas for Winston we’ve ever seen. He’s already a sentient, lightning-gun wielding gorilla, so why not make him into a sentient, Lightning-gun wielding tiger?

That’s just what seadragon did, and we have to say we would scoop up this bad boy asap if it were actually an in-game skin. Not only is he now a big cat, he also has some traditional Korean headwear and is puffing on a pipe of his own.

His armor and jetpack are made out of wood, and on this skin especially you can really see the amount of detail seadragon put into each of these designs.

Winston Lunar New Year Overwatch skin
seadragon art
Winston as a tiger? Don’t question it, it just works.

We don’t have an exact start date for Lunar New Year 2021 just yet, but expect to see some news or announcement on that after Hanzo’s Kanezaka Challenge wraps up on January 25.

As always, we’ll bring you all the info on new skins, cosmetics and other content as soon as it’s available, so be sure to check back as the next event approaches.