Hitboxes for every hero in Overwatch revealed in Workshop mode

Connor Bennett

An Overwatch fan has gone through the painstaking effort of finding each character’s correct hitbox and given them to others thanks to the Workshop. 

The Overwatch workshop has allowed fans to create everything from new heroes to new game modes, and even brought in some outside games like Dota and Portal to the mix.

However, it’s also the most creative of fans to develop maps and modes that allow players to train themselves and take their skill to the next level. Be that an aim trainer or fighting against bots, there’s a way to train up anything you may need in multiplayer in the Workshop. Now, there’s an even better way to train accuracy thanks to one fan revealing every accurate hitbox.

The wide-ranging Overwatch roster has different hitboxes throughout.

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, user spadler097 revealed their detailed thread on how they made it to possible to see each character’s actual hitbox using the Workshop.

Using their own Workshop code, combined with an additional script, the Redditor was able to document images of each character where they had been hit and where they hadn’t – using green dots to visualize the actual hitbox, which also includes a few spots that are just off the character model. 

For example, while D.Va is in pilot mode, you can’t exactly hit the gun she is holding to deal damage. Every other part of her will do damage, but you’re wasting time trying to disarm her. 

Of course, with hitboxes being a regular bugbear for players in more or less every multiplayer game, it’s nice to get some accurate accounts of what you need to hit to deal damage.

The hard work was complemented by Overwatch fans in the thread. “Thanks for this, commented mikkjagg. “The Zen box is massive. It’s disgusting.” 

Another user, -Darkot-, added: “Holy crap. I gotta say that, this is one of, if not the most impressive thing that I have ever seen on this sub. That must have taken so much work — but I am so grateful that you went to the trouble of making this. It’s insanely helpful.”

Now, sadly, this isn’t a playable workshop mode so if you want to get better, you’re going to have to study the gifs and try to make it work in-game.

Best of luck, but just don’t aim for D.Va’s gun or Hanzo’s hair bun, it’s not going to work out all that well for you. 

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