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Overwatch player creates perfect guide to find Ana’s grenade spots

Published: 23/Nov/2019 23:05

by Bill Cooney


A very thorough Overwatch player has shared one of the most extensive guides for long-range Ana grenade shots ever assembled.

Ana’s Biotic Grenade heals allies and damages enemies within its area of effect, while also preventing enemies from being healed for four seconds. 

In addition to being a highly useful ability, it can also be catapulted over insane distances to catch enemies by surprise.

Overwatch players who enjoy using Ana cherish those longshot plays that cause chaos or get a kill, and now, there’s a guide to help you master them as well.

Blizzard EntertainmentAna players love their Ana grenade trick shots.

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A guide for all your Ana grenade needs

Reddit user u/scrudit shared their guide with over 100 Ana grenade launch locations to show players where to stand and aim for maximum distance and accuracy.


“In a nutshell: It’s a PDF with all (relatively easy/reliable) ‘nade spots I could find for every map,” scrudit explained. “For all the maps, there’s an Attack and a Defend side that have numbers in them. Each number represents a place where the ‘nade will land.”

scruditscrudit’s guide is everything an Ana player could ask for.

The guide is available as a PDF that works best when downloaded, and allows players to sort through all of the spots in the list efficiently, instead of page by page.

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“When you click the number, you will see the place where you need to stand and where you need to aim in order to hit that specific ‘nade spot,” scrudit said about how the guide worked.


It is interesting to look through the guide to see what kind of crazy shots are actually possible, but it can be used while playing, too.

The guide would probably be best to have on a second screen while you’re playing Ana, or on a tablet/phone if you don’t have two screens or play on a console.

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 A new Overwatch event on the way?

Overwatch is currently in the middle of Mercy’s Recall Challenge, which goes away along with the new Dr. Ziegler Mercy skin on December 2.

As we get close to December, we also draw nearer and nearer to the Winter Wonderland 2019 event, and all the new stuff that will come with it.


Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan likewise revealed recently that seasonal events will change with Overwatch 2, but for now, we’re pretty confident Winter Wonderland will begin near the second week of December this year.