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Hacksmith Industries build insane Overwatch weapons in real life

Published: 8/May/2020 0:40

by Theo Salaun


In anticipation of Overwatch 2’s release, YouTubers of  ‘the Hacksmith’ have recapped all the absurd Overwatch weapons that they’ve brought to the real world.

Overwatch is set in a fictional, future Earth, where a robot can also be a floating monk and his mentee, a cyborg ninja, can summon spiritual dragons when unsheathing his katana.

It’s the type of game that makes users ask, “How Torbjorn drink lava without got hurt?” on Blizzard’s forums. More specifically: “Because I see intro of him and he drink of lava also when he use ult he look lava also. How he not got killed by drink lava?”


Hacksmith’s Zarya particle cannon, a behemoth of a gun true to the game’s size and aesthetic.

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Obviously, Overwatch is not dictated by the physical laws we’ve come to terms with here in our world- but that hasn’t stopped Hacksmith Industries from doing their thing and building out impressive versions of the impossible.

First came their Zarya particle cannon, a gigantic gun, wielded by a pink-haired Russian weightlifter, that boasts a beam prime for melting and a projectile ultimate prime for enforcing a limited gravitational pull. 

Undaunted, Hacksmith used 30-plus kilograms of PETG filament and an 80-watt CO2 laser that could ignite flammables from a distance. In the game, the gun is used for ending fights. In our world, its counterpart was used for starting a fire. Impressive nonetheless.


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Then came Mei’s ice cannon, which was built by an intern, Elana, from the University of Waterloo. While it couldn’t shoot icicles like Mei’s in-game weapon, it did have a sub-zero gas that made life pretty frosty.

They also unveiled their very own “Doom fist,” a fist akin to Doomfist’s that boasted six pneumatic cylinders and the capacity to crack cinderblocks. 

And last comes our personal favorite, the Reinhardt rocket hammer, a hefty hammer that weighs about 20 kilograms and can fit rockets in the back. Hacksmith put this hammer to the test, fit with rockets, on a car – and it resulted in pure destruction.


Hacksmith’s Reinhardt rocket hammer, equipped with said rocket, obliterates a car.

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There is no confirmed release date for Overwatch 2, but it is expected to arrive later in 2020, and with no further characters releasing for the game until then, we’ll be dying to find out which weird weapon Hacksmith brings to life next.