Game-breaking Overwatch 2 glitch makes enemy team “invisible” during match

Overwatch 2 invisible enemyBlizzard

Overwatch 2 players have been left confused and annoyed after the enemy team became “invisible” during a game. The game-breaking glitch seemingly happens at random, and could alter the course of a match instantly.

It’s no secret that the launch of Overwatch 2 has been less than smooth. With server issues, account sync problems and many more in-game bugs and glitches featured throughout OW2 in its early months.

And while many of the game-breaking issues have been patched up and, at the very least, been acknowledged by devs Blizzard as being worked on, some Overwatch players are still finding massive bugs with the game.

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For one Overwatch streamer, a match took a turn for the worse when the enemy team became completely invisible but were still able to shoot and deal damage. Content creator Bogur posted a clip of the match on Twitter, shouting through mic that his opponents are “literally invisible” and explaining to his team that he “can’t see them.”

The clip attached to the tweet shows this clear as day, with Bogur being shot at and taking damage from what looks like nothing. After being killed by the invisible heroes, he shouts “what a great game. What a great f**king game.” 

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Going through social media, it appears this in-game bug has been an issue from when the sequel first went live. Some posts dating back to the beginning of October showcase a similar issue in which enemy teams and players appear as dots rather than their actual heroes.

The bug has been reported to the Blizzard Overwatch support page. Here’s hoping that the dev team are able to patch it up soon so players no longer have to try and take down invisible enemies.