Florida Mayhem Acquires xepheR from Seoul Dynasty

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Florida Mayhem have acquired flex tank Koo ‘xepheR’ Jae-mo from Seoul Dynasty.

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The Mayhem are looking to rebuild their squad for Season Two, having released the majority of their former roster following a disappointing 11-place finish in Season One.

xepheR is the first official addition to the Florida roster for season two, joining DPS players Kevyn ‘TviQ’ Lindström and Ka ‘Sayaplayer’ Jeong-woo, along with main tank Kim ‘aWesomeGuy’ Sung-hoon.

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This is only the second transfer to be officially confirmed between existing Overwatch League teams, with Seoul Dynasty themselves having acquired Baek ‘Fissure’ Chan-hyung from the LA Gladiators.

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The pickup of xepheR was reported ahead of the official announcement by Overwatch content creator Michael ‘mykL’ Padilla, who also alleged that the Mayhem have added DPS player Damon ‘Apply’ Conti and Support player Jo ‘HaGoPeun’ Hyeon-woo to their Overwatch League roster from Mayhem Academy. The Mayhem have yet to officially confirm these moves.

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Assuming no further signings by the Mayhem from other Overwatch League teams or their academy team, they will have to wait until October 8 to fill out the rest of their squad, when the exclusive free agent signing window for expansion teams closes.

The Mayhem stated that while determining which of their players would return for Season Two they trialled more than fifty players, suggesting that they will already have a fairly good idea of which players they want to target.

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