Epic Overwatch skin ideas take Roadhog & Reinhardt back to the Stone Age - Dexerto

Epic Overwatch skin ideas take Roadhog & Reinhardt back to the Stone Age

Published: 31/May/2020 23:08

by Bill Cooney


Roadhog and Reinhardt were left out of the new skin club for the Anniversary 2020 event, but that didn’t stop one Overwatch tank fan from making a few of their own.

A new Overwatch event always means new skins to collect, but if your favorite hero gets left out of the fun, it can be a bit of a drag.

Undeterred by the lack of multiple tank skins in this year’s offerings, Reddit user and Reinhardt main MrChumpii decided to design their own.

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“Raptorheardt” would have also been an acceptable name for this skin.

First up we have the prehistoric-looking “Jurassichardt” Reinhardt skin, which replaces Rein’s solid steel armor and Rocket Hammer with wood and leaves, which would definitely make this cosmetic a unique one.


A Triceratops skull on replaces his helmet and also appears on his shield arm, along with a massive T-Rex skull over one shoulder that would definitely be the centerpiece of this cosmetic.

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The still-frozen ice chunks area a very nice touch.

It seems Mammoth Hog has requisitioned one of his tusks to serve as his hook, and also uses some of the frozen ice he was presumably found in as healing canisters.

Cave painting tattoos have replaced his biker ink and his Scrap Gun is now decorated with an unfortunate sabertooth tiger, who probably found themselves on the wrong side of a Whole Hog.

Users in the comments also suggested a mammoth-themed skin would work perfectly for Orisa, who already has tusks (and four legs), but MrChumpii definitely made Roadhog wear it perfectly.


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As we mentioned before, neither Roadhog or Reinhardt got new cosmetics for the 2020 Anniversary event, but there are a number of new skins to collect before the event wraps up.

With the last week of the event coming right up, that also means it’s time for the third and final weekly challenge skin “Masked Man McCree,” which is available by winning 9 matches in any mode until Anniversary 2020 ends on June 9.