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Epic Overwatch Mercy & Reaper skin ideas are perfect for the Summer Games

Published: 3/Jul/2021 1:21

by Bill Cooney


It’s quickly becoming that time of year once again, time for Overwatch’s Summer Games event, and fans have been hard at work on skin concepts they want to see this year. To no one’s surprise, Mercy seems to be at the top of the list, but Reaper’s also gotten some Summer love as well.

Summer Games is one of the events players look forward to most on the Overwatch calendar, as it brings some of the most original skins each and every year.

We still don’t know which heroes will be getting new cosmetics for 2021’s iteration, but as always the more artistically-talented fans among us have plenty of ideas, with lifeguard Mercy apparently at the top of everyone’s list.


Our first example comes from Russian artist Вдувы and was shared by @Wduwiwatch on Twitter (thanks to our good friend @Naeri for tweeting it, as well). Mercy has a big floppy hat similar to Ana’s beach-combing gear, and her shades/scarf look pilfered from Widowmaker’s wardrobe.

Together with the swimsuit and jeans though, everyone’s favorite healer looks more than ready for a day in the sand with this game-ready skin concept.

Next up we have Reaper, who hasn’t gotten a “summery” skin as other heroes have. He’s gotten a few cosmetics during the event, but let’s just say they don’t stack up to Torbjorn’s (you know which skin we mean).


That’s where @AnimatorBonnie’s “Boss Beach” Reaper comes in. Besides being one of the best names for a skin we’ve ever heard, it also gives Reaper a black Hawaiian shirt, a life vest, some water pistol shotguns, and even a towel tied around his head as a cape — something most of us probably did as a kid as well.

Finally, did we mention Mercy seems to be very popular for Summer Games skins? Because she is, as artist @Sunshxvine came up with another lifeguard Mercy concept, that we also wouldn’t mind seeing in-game.

Mercy looks ready to guard the beach with her shades, a life preserver, and a staff/pistol that look more like Super Soakers than her traditional sidearms.


Currently, Overwatch is in the midst of Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge, but that wraps up on July 5, and the Summer Games event could potentially begin anytime after that. Whenever the next event begins, we’ll be right here with the latest news and info, so be sure to check back.