D.Va can now fly insanely far with new Overwatch PTR update - Dexerto

D.Va can now fly insanely far with new Overwatch PTR update

Published: 27/Feb/2019 20:52 Updated: 27/Feb/2019 21:27

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch’s recent PTR update brought a new hero to the game but also included a ton of balance updates for over half of the game’s heroes.

There have been several unlisted changes discovered in the latest PTR patch, and now players seem to have found one for Dva.

Previously, Lucio’s Speed Boost didn’t stack along with other character’s movement abilities but it seems like after the latest update, that’s no longer be the case.

Overwatch streamer ‘hotsauce_ow’ and some friends were trying out the changes on the latest patch just after the update went live on February 26.


When Lucio Speed Boosts and D.Va uses her Bunny Hop, she’s able to get from beyond the first point to basically the other side of the Mondatta statue much faster than she would have been able to previously.

“Holy shit,” hostsauce exclaimed as his teammate screamed past him, possibly setting a new D.Va land speed record.

Professional Overwatch player Jeffery ‘blasé’ Tsang, also posted a clip demonstrating the potential of the new speedboost with D.Va’s self destructs.

This is a pretty nice buff for Lucio too, and this patch just seems to get better and better for the Brazilian DJ.


As players have more time to play around on the PTR there will probably be more updates like this discovered from the monster February 26 patch.